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Global Challenges

The world today faces huge challenges which affect us directly here in the UK. Stuart believes in the global community and our moral obligation to be good global citizens, supporting developing nations and those dealing with the consequences of natural disasters, conflicts and climate change.

Stuart has used many International Platforms to argue for greater global cooperation

Climate Change

Stuart was proud to use COP 26 to promote how land can be used to help fight climate change and how each of us needs to take the issue much more seriously

Stuart is one of the leading voices in rural Britain on climate change. As a farmer he is immersed in the conversation and the sees the impacts of climate change directly. He firmly believes that as a responsible land user he can significantly contribute to reducing climate change and advocates this view more widely.

Stuart has used his own farm to demonstrate and advocate for a better balance of food production, carbon reduction and biodiversity promotion.

If we do not address the environmental challenges  we face in the 21st Century no future generation will, rightly, ever forgive us.


The rise of Nationalist Politics

Stuart has been a regular panellist on Sky News Daily Climate Show

Liberal politicians are needed now more than ever before to stand up to the rise of nationalism and populism around the world. This dark cloud hanging over the world has been exemplified by issues such as Brexit or characterised in politicians such as Nigel Farage or Donald Trump.

We need to elect dynamic, energetic politicians like Stuart to inspire a positive liberal message to fight back again populism and nationalism. 

Global Poverty and Hunger

Stuart visiting the World Trade Organisation in Geneva to discuss trade and standards

It is a tragedy that 1 in 10 of the world's population regularly go to bed hungry. With climate change and war putting more and more pressure on world resources, it is vital that the UK plays its part in supporting those less fortunate than ourselves. We must also show strong global leadership and encourage other countries to play their part. 

Stuart has been an active supporter of Farm Africa and has helped the charity build sustainable communities in Africa

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