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About Stuart

Stuart is the third generation of his family to farm at Hammonds End Farm between Harpenden and Redbourn. As well as running the family farm and bringing up a family, Stuart has also spent extensive periods of time campaigning, lobbying and leading the food and farming sector across Hertfordshire and the UK. This culminated with his election as Deputy President of the National Farmers Union in 2020 representing over 50,000 farmers across the whole of England and Wales. This is a position he relinquished in 2022 in order to support the Liberal Democrats as we prepare for the next General Election.

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The Roberts family have farmed in Hertfordshire since the 1950s

Campaigner, Advocate, Farmer, Father, Speaker, Fundraiser, Leader, Activist

Stuart is regularly interviewed by local and national broadcasters

Stuart has campaigned passionately on issues as varied as Brexit, food standards, animal welfare, food poverty and climate change.

As climate change champion for the National Farmers Union, Stuart led industry efforts to achieve Net Zero by 2040. He is proud to use his own farm near Harpenden to demonstrate much of what is possible in term of producing food alongside delivering for the climate and biodiversity. In February 2023 the farm was shortlisted for a national Green Heart Hero award from the Climate Coalition.

A well-known farming leader, local champion and campaigner, Stuart is the right person to build on the great work already done in North East Herts, to ensure we return a Liberal Democrat MP at the next General Election. His past work has shown he has the skills and experience to build a team, raise significant campaign funds, raise our media profile and ultimately, win the seat.

Stuart's background

  • Grew up on a local, organic farm

  • Extensive experience in senior commercial roles within the food supply chain prior to return to the family farm

  • Worked with numerous charities and organisations focused on Mental Health, the countryside and food poverty and trade standards

  • Elected Vice President of the National Framers Union with over 60% of the vote. Then Elected Deputy President of the National Farmers Union with 70% of the vote

  • Regular commentator on food, farming and environmental issues on broadcast, in print and on social media including BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, Newsnight, Sky News, Politics Live, The Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian and many more.

  • Experience Parliamentary operator with select committee's, all party parliamentary groups and MP / House of Lords engagement.

  • A passionate speaker and campaigner, having Chaired conferences with in excess of 1000 attendees and carried out more than 100 speaking engagements a year

  • Significant fundraiser for both national and international charities

  • Very active in the local community with Scouts, schools and community food and countryside groups

  • Owns and manages Hammonds End Farm in Harpenden with his wife Emma, which prides itself on the provenance of its food and the public access and biodiversity improvements it is providing for the community.


Stuart has appeared before numerous select committees in the past

Stuart was twice elected national officeholder of the NFU's 55,000 farmer members

Stuart is a regular speaker at conferences around the UK and abroad

What does Stuart believe in?

For a number of years Stuart has become disillusioned with politics in the UK. Populism, division and polarisation have become the modern currency of politics. If elected as an MP Stuart would pursue a new form of politics built on the strong values of:

  • Fairness

  • Equality

  • Education and opportunity for the next generation

  • Valuing the importance of the community

Stuart is proud to campaign for inclusion and diversity

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