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How is Brexit Going?

A robust and consistent Remain campaigner, Stuart has always argued that the Tory Brexit was a disaster when the country voted to separate ourselves from our closest neighbours, our biggest trading partner and our friends and colleagues in the European Union

Stuart speaking in Channel 4's Big Brexit debate

Everyone in this country had a personal reason for voting the way they did. However I am pretty sure nobody voted to make the United Kingdom weaker, poorer and more divided than ever before. 

The Conservative Government time and again assured people how good Brexit would be and how it would lead to benefits for all. 

Stuart has spoken dozens of time on the issue of Brexit

The reality of Brexit is:

  • The "Easiest Trade Deal in History" has led to an undermining of our animal welfare, environmental and food standards

  • The Fishing industry has had all the promises they received for a better deal broken.

  • Trade has been severely disrupted with our Northern Irish and Irish neighbours

Stuart believes Brexit has been a disaster

The Liberal Democrat's is the only Party that can properly hold the Conservatives to account for the lies told, promises broken and the significant rise in division, polarisation and damage done in communities across the entire country.

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