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Community Development

The residents of Harpenden, Berkhamsted, Redbourn, Flamstead, Tring and every other beautiful part of the constituency are proud not only of where they live but also of the community we are part of. In the forty plus years I have lived in the area I have seen much of the characteristics of this area remain but the towns, villages and rural area have also developed, expanded and changed. One of Stuart's biggest concerns at present is infrastructure and housing. 


We cannot ignore our need for development, but we have a duty to our community to ensure any development has sustainability and community enhancement at its core. We must work harder to ensure proposals are accompanied by significant investment in community infrastructure including education, medical and transport facilities and the protection and enhancement of the green spaces that are characteristic of our area. We must not let developers simply extract profits from our communities and leave us with towns and villages that are stretched beyond breaking point. I commit to representing all residents views in how our towns, villages and countryside are used in the future.


So many people live in our area for the ease of access to London. However it is rare that a day goes by when they isn't a problem on London North-Western or Thameslink. I commit to representing all our communities to ensure more reliable timetables, more accurate information and safe, secure and pleasant stations.

Seeing a Doctor

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We know the challenges the NHS faces after over a decade of Conservative mismanagement. As someone who has always been proud of the treatment my family and I have received from the NHS, it is a tragedy that we are now seeing staff under ever-increasing pressure and facilities that are in desperate need of investment. I commit to advocating locally and nationally for the health of our NHS, for our doctors and nurses and for our local health infrastructure.

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Local Crime

When it comes to crime we must admit we are lucky to live where we do, but we are not isolated from the challenges of criminal activity. Both urban and rural areas are far from immune from crime. Intimidation, thefts and violence are seen too often in our high streets and villages and fly tipping, wildlife crime and theft are often second nature within many of our rural communities. I commit to fight on behalf of all our residents to ensure no one is afraid to go out in our towns, villages or countryside areas and everyone can live without fear of intimidation, violence or theft.


It is also vital that we pay greater attention to the victims of crime who are often left without the help they need due to system failings.

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