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So what is the new constituency?

The 2023 Review of Parliamentary Constituencies was formally launched in January 2021 and is now reaching the end of its work. The Commission was required to ensure that the number of electors in each constituency is more equal than it has been previously. The Commission has undertaken an independent review of all constituency boundaries in England and the final recommendations will be recieved by Parliament this Summer.

In this part of Hertfordshire one of the biggest changes will be the creation of an entirely new constituency of Harpenden and Berkhamsted. This is largely made up of parts of the former Hitchin and Harpenden and South West Herts constituencies.

Assuming Parliamentary approval this Summer the new constituency will be used for any elections beyond October 2023. Below is a map of the new constituency. Alternatively please click here to visit the Boundary Change Commission website

Boundary change.png
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